For our joint with “Medical Computer Systems” Ltd medical project KardiRu, we have developed an online store Shop.Kardi on the 1C-Bitrix platform.

The online store operates in two languages - Russian and English. A buyer from any country can easily place and pay for the order.

In addition to the catalog of goods and the payment system, the site has many other convenient features. Now everyone will be able to purchase the KardiRu device and accessories for it, and then independently conduct examinations of his/her heart, as well as send their results to the consulting physician.

The complete description of the devices, recommendations for their use are given in the catalog of goods. The online store also has a section where one can find answers to frequently asked questions.

In the Russian version of the site, the order is made in rubles, in the English - in dollars. When placing an order, the buyer fills out a form where he/she indicates his/her contact information, leaves comments on the order, chooses the delivery method and type of payment.

After the payment has been made, we automatically receive a notification by e-mail.

Link to the online store: http://en.shop.kardi.ru/.