In 2019, Ronix’s specialists created a website on the 1C-Bitrix platform for Swilar company, the main profile of which is consulting, as well as the projects development and implementation of German and international small and medium-sized companies willing to enter the Russian market. The site was implemented in two languages - Russian and German.

Works included:

  • Design creation of the main page and pages of the second level for PC, tablet and telephone,
  • Development of a new website functionality,
  • Data migration from the old web-site to the new one,
  • Creating instructions for the web-site operators and help in publishing the site.

In 2021, we have modified the customer's website. In particular, a third language (English) was added. Now both the content, and the functionality of the site works in 3 languages. For the convenience of the administrator, content management is implemented in Russian.